12-years-ago i uploaded this video on youtube and it changed my life completely. for so many years after, i tried to distance myself from it, because i was tired of being labeled as “the paparazzi kid”. as i’m getting older though, my entire mentality has changed. i am infinitely proud of myself for preserving and staying strong through the chaos of it all. now at 24, i’m able to wake up everyday and write music.. that’s my job… and i owe it all to this polo-wearing bowl-cut kid who was brave enough to take a risk. to every person who has been here since April 2010, i love you with my whole heart & i am so humbled to still be here. this viral moment will live on the internet forever, and i’ve now reached a point where im happy that’s the case xx #thoughts# LGreysonChanceOfficial的微博视频
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