15 years ago today Grace Kelly was about to chart at number one and be announced on the iconic BBC @bbcradio1 chart show.

In this amazing moment when one of my biggest dreams was coming true, I was stuck in Richmond Park having locked my friends keys inside her car, a 1981 VW I nicknamed the Green Bean.

For years before this moment, whilst at the Royal College Of Music, my friend Lorna and I would drive around London listening to my demos, dreaming of one day releasing my music for real.

And it was in this same car that I was trying to get back into, just as my song was being announced as having reached number one…! We listened off the radio of the RAC repairman who came to sort us out.

Looking back, it was a perfect moment. Imperfect and perfect the way all the best things are. Happy birthday to “my” GraceKelly

o p