Kenny McFadden was not just a coach. But a father figure to alot of us who had the privilege of being coached by him.
First impressions of him were always positive because of his contagious smile and swag.

I'm one of many who have benefitted from him changing my life. Whether it was academics or on the court. He was always armed with a story/ legend to keep me on my path

He will live on through the memories and values he has given us.

Thank you for believing in me 🙏

Kenny McFadden对我来说不仅仅是一个教练,更是一个像父亲一样的人。他富有感染力的微笑和风格是我对他的第一印象。我是很多因为他人生轨迹发生变化的人中的一个,场上和场下都是。他每次都能通过一个故事让我不迷失。

o p