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Another great year of camp 💪🏾
12straight bestcampNthe🌎 L隆多RajonRondo的秒拍视频 ​​​​
My main man “Skateboard P” in the building tonight!!! 🙌🏾 ​​​​
Great time today with the kids from Playworks at Fit for Life Field Day ​​​​
Let me help y’all out. Since everyone wants to over analyze, gaslight, and over interpret situations, let me help y’all with your due diligence. The real story that everyone should be talking about right now is how my teammate, Lebron James, accomplished a huge milestone in las ​​​​...展开全文c
  • 今天是我的生日02月22日,来祝福我吧~

Amazing day with the @ american_heart and @ amdiabetesassn discussing the importance of eating healthy especially for those managing type 2 diabetes and their risk for heart disease. L隆多RajonRondo的微博视频 ​​​​
I don’t socialize, I don’t see the point ​​​​