// Knowledge qualifies a worker to perform certain job-tasks, but it does not guarantee performance. Knowledge workers must face the challenge that there will be good and bad performances, failures and successes – anyone can acquire knowledge but not everyone can wi ​​​​...展开全文c


節錄:信報 –《新社會知識型經濟與當政者思維》
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Knowledge workers

// Knowledge will be the key resource of society in future. In rich countries, knowledge workers are already half the total workforce and are set to become the fastest growing part of the workforce. What will this mean for society, politics and the economy in f ​​​​...展开全文c

// 未來社會勢將由知識主導。知識工作者(knowledge workers)佔發達國家工作人口一半,增長速度更將成為工作人口中之冠,這將如何改變社會與經濟的發展?對未來政治又將有何影響?//

節錄:信報 –《新社會知識型經濟與當政者思維》
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Less choice

// Between 2011 and 2016, annual secondary market transactions have decreased from 73,582 to 37,908 units. Meanwhile primary market transactions have increased from 10,880 to 16,793 units. The net result for buyers has been to shift demand away from the secondary mar ​​​​...展开全文c

// 二手樓市於2011至2016年的每年交易由73,582宗下降至37,908宗,同期一手樓市交易則由10,880宗增加至16,793宗。影響所及,買家唯有將目標從二手市場轉向一手市場,形成二手市場的單位總供應量出現人為減少現象。懲罰性印花稅令買家的選擇減少。//

節錄:信報 –《規管樓價細說從頭》
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// Mispricing has become more likely as markets have become highly regulated, contributing to greater price volatility. Large developers could offer discounts and financing arrangements to cash-strapped buyers in the primary market, thereby inflating the nominal price ​​​​...展开全文c


節錄:信報 –《規管樓價細說從頭》
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In today’s property market

// In today’s property market, only final users and long term-investors with excess liquidity have any interest in entering. Buyers are more concerned about affordability than appreciation potential over the short or medium term. //

“Regulation of ​​​​...展开全文c

// 時至今日,市場上只剩下真正用家與資金豐厚的長線投資者;買家只關心能否負擔樓價,而非樓價短中期的升值潛力。//

節錄:信報 –《規管樓價細說從頭》
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Aspiring homeowners

// In Hong Kong, the key macroeconomic indicators for aspiring homeowners to look out for are straightforward – unemployment, China’s economic performance, and the future path of interest rates. //

“Regulation of Property Prices”, Hong Kong Economic Jour ​​​​...展开全文c

// 本地有意置業者,可參考的宏觀經濟指標有幾方面:失業情況、中國經濟表現、未來利率走勢。//

節錄:信報 –《規管樓價細說從頭》
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False dawns

// The past decade has been marked by false dawns, in which optimism about economic recovery at the start of each year was undone – whether by the euro crisis, wobbles in emerging markets, the collapse of the oil price or fears of a meltdown in China. //

“Regulati ​​​​...展开全文c

// 近10年來,本港樓市屢呈跌勢假象,期間每因歐羅危機、新興市場表現不穩、油價暴跌,以及憂慮中國經濟崩潰,對經濟復蘇的樂觀預期一掃而空。//

節錄:信報 –《規管樓價細說從頭》
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The recent rise in property prices

// The recent rise in property prices has been spurred by two factors. One is the public’s perception of the economic future and the implication for their home purchase decisions. The other relates to why developers have rushed to push units ​​​​...展开全文c