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It was great seeing you again my brother. @DarrenJ蒋珅玮 It was also a pleasure meeting all the kids from China. You are doing big things and big things usually take time and patience so don't ever let up. Good things will always happen to people with determination.
Great experience for our kids at @RayAllen雷阿伦 Pro Camp. Thank you and your family so much for the ongoing support with our @Pinnacle篮球训练营 endeavors We are grateful ​​​​
It was great to have you all at Pro Camp this year. Hope you all enjoyed the experience! Safe trip back to China and we shall meet again soon.
#2015Pinnacle美国之旅# 离开STM学员们来到了@RayAllen雷阿伦 的Pro Camp,阿伦在开营仪式上介绍了来自Pinnacle的学员和@DarrenJ蒋珅玮 并在后面的训练中亲自上场指导学员;上午训练临近结束,所有学员分组比赛,咱们学员表现不错,表示喜欢和美国学生对抗。 2美国 ​​​​
Hope you enjoyed a great evening with us! See you tomorrow at Pro Camp //@Pinnacle篮球训练营:下午去阿伦母校Uconn的时候学员们就已经各种惊呆了,晚上又是一块儿看电影,学员们非常兴奋;作为Pinnacle第一年的总教头@RayAllen雷阿伦 认出了几位去年的学员,跟大家问候打招呼像老朋友一样。
#2015Pinnacle美国之旅# college tour + big surprise[good]常春藤名校耶鲁大学+篮球名校康涅狄格大学,骄阳似火挡不住学员们的热情,无论是Yale古堡式的建筑,还是Uconn顶级的篮球训练馆,都让大家为之惊叹。让这一天有一个完美的结束,Pinnacle的惊喜还没停!与阿伦看电影!! 2美国 ​​​​
Are you all ready for the 2015 @Pinnacle篮球训练营 with @Isaiah_Thomas in Chongqing? I look forward to seeing some of you at my camp in America this August. It'll be a blast! ​​​​
I see you! Young fella!
With my man AI before the Floyd Mayweather fight. Great to see you bro! ​​​​
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感谢大家在Pinnacle篮球训练营的微信公众号留言,关心训练营的相关细节,主页会尽量找时间一一回复大家,请大家不要着急哦~再次提醒官网可以填写报名信息哦,官网链接:OPinnacle Basketball 官方微信公众号:pinnaclebasketball 请保持关注! ​​​​
Today is the last day of 2014. Whatever we all did up to this point is over with. Tomorrow we all get to O网页链接 ​​​​
Practice with the young boys up at UCONN #brandjordan #huskyforlife O网页链接 ​​​​
Good morning!!! On my road to greatness this morning. Where is your road taking you? O网页链接 ​​​​
Happy Sunday everyone. Getting my leg workout in this morning with #merle @danielahelcer @leezee72 O网页链接 ​​​​
These bad boys are tired. Good morning everyone. Cardio in the books now let's see where the rest of my d O网页链接 ​​​​