There is no rehearsal in the life , once missing , it will be lost forever.


#恋爱物语# ​​​​
The wind blows away the thoughts, rolled up unruly time.


#情感文字# ​​​​
Delusion is me to walk with you life.

妄想陪你走一生的人是我。[心] ​​​​
The reason why the memory is beautiful is that no one can go back.


#成年# ​​​​
Leave all your unhappiness to yesterday, give all your hopes to tomorrow, and do all your hard work today.

把所有的不快给昨天,把所有的希望给明天,把所有的努力给今天。#成长# ​​​​
Be strong, believe in who you are. Be strong, believe in what you feel.

强大一些,要相信你自己。坚定一些,要相信自己的感觉。#治愈系# ​​​​
Man has to be crazy for once, whether it is for a person,a love story, a journey or a dream.

人一生总要疯狂一次,无论是为一个人,一段情,一次旅途,亦或一个梦想。 ​​​​
Only if the first sign of life, you said I was a piece of pure time, I accompany you to see.

人生若只如初见,你衔我一片纯白岁月,我陪你看细水长流。 ​​​​
Time is the fault of fatalistic testimony people.

时光的宿命就是见证人们的过错。#成长选修课# ​​​​
Some moments bring us together, some moments tear us apart.

时光让我们相聚,时光却也让我们分离。 ​​​​
Happiness will never miss any people, sooner or later it will find you.


#幸福# ​​​​
The world is small and the city is big.People who lack for luck would not see one another again for the rest of life.

世界很小,城市很大,欠缺缘分的人也许终生也不会再见了。 ​​​​
Thinking something over a thousand times is not as effective as actually doing it just once. Taking a beautiful fall is better than wondering aimlessly.


#成长# ​​​​

Company is the greatest comfort in the world.

最了不起的安慰方式 ​​​​
Some people, for a period of time don't contact will strain; some people, a few years to see will move at a time.


#暖心情话# ​​​​